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▲: An unfamiliar male approaches you.He wore red pointy shades,a black shirt with a teal libra sign on it,some jeans and a pair of red sneakers.He greets you and puts a hand on your shoulder "H3Y TH3R3"
▼: A young male with mechanic arm and glasses, wearing jeans and a shirt with Scorpio symbol turns around, and frowns when he sees an all-too-well familiar face. "What do you want????????" he asks.
▲: "H3H3H3" he cackles at his reaction."WH4T DO 1 W4NT?1 W4NT TO T4LK OF COURS3!" he casually sits on the arm of your chair turning his head to face you with a grin on his face.
▼: "We talk too much as it is, Pyrope, why is this occasion any different?" he rolls his eyes. Or, well, eye, since the other seven are missing. "8ut fine. I am going to talk to you, 8ecause I am such an aaaaaaaawesome friend! I am going to leave all the irons I have in the fire so I could talk to you. I hope you can appreciate it."
▲: "H3H3H3H3 WOOOOOOOOW! WH4T 4N 4M4Z1NG FR13ND.4R3 YOU 3V3N B31NG S4RC4ST1C W1TH YOURS3LF." he says cockily while his head rests on his fists."OH WH4T3V3R YOU S4Y VR1SKY" he says in his normal raspy voice.
▼: "What do you want to talk about, anyways. Don't tell me I left my irons for nothing!" he said, frowning yet again. "You 8etter have something intelligent to say, though. And also, why do I, of all people you could possi8ly talk to, have to suffer your ram8les?"
▲: "H3H3H3 BUT YOU YOURS3LF S3RK3T H4S 4GR33D TO T4LK TO M3 W1TH 4LL MY "ram8les".41NT TH4T TRU3 VR1SKY" he doesn't mind his frown and puts a finger under his chin expecting him to growl at him.
▼: "Yeah, that m8 8e true, 8ut you still wanted to talk to me. Why." he demands, trying to remain calm. He won't give him the pleasure of snapping. No.
▲: He cockily raises an eyebrow at him "H3H3H3 WHY WOULDNT 1 W4NT TO T4LK TO MY D34R SCOURG3 BROTH3R" he sticks out his toungue knowing he won't snap that easily "4ND WHY DO YOU 4SK?" he licks the side of his scourge brother's face.
▼: "8ecause." he shrugs, not even knowing himself. But that doesn't matter. "You know, you're 8ecoming a 8it annoying now, Pyrope."
▲: "S1NC3 WH3N D1D 1 NOT B3COM3 4NNOY1NG,3SP3C14LLY TO YOU" he answered back cleverly and chuckles a bit at the end of his sentence.
▼: "You aren't that hard to ignore, which makes you slightly more tolera8ble, usually. 8ut you are just getting on my nerves now!" he growled.
▲: "H3H3H3H3 41NT TH4T TRU3~" he softly chuckles and decides to lick him again. "4ND 1M PR3TTY SUR3 1V3 4LW4YS B33N G3TT1NG ON THOS3 N3RV3S OF YOURS S3RK3T" he says as if he knew it was true.
▼: "Yes, you have. And you still are, and always will 8e. Guess there's no helping it. 8ut seriously, what did you want to talk a8out?" he says, ignoring the constant licking. He must have tasted like blueberries or something to Pyrope. He guessed he could just ask him, maybe. "Hey, Pyrope. What do I taste like?" he asks, figuring out that he would swallow his pride for his one, because the curiosity got the best of him.
▲: "H3H3H3 1 N3V3R THOUGHT YOU'LL 3V3N 4SK TH4T" he cocks an eyebrow at him "W3LL 1 GU3SS YOU T4ST3 L1K3 4 BLU3B3RRY,PR3TTY MUCH TH4T" he snaps his tongue "WH4T 3V3N GOT YOU TH1NK1NG ON SUCH 4 QU3ST1ON S3RK3T" he looks at you curiously tilting his head a bit on the side a bit confused actually.
▼: "Just curious! Don't get your panties in a twist." he growled.
▲: "H3H3H3 N3V3R THOUGHT YOU W3R3 TH3 CUR1OUS TYP3 S3RK3T" he said in a very teasing manner at him pinching his cheeks,gently.
▼: "Yeah, well we all have our weird moments, can't judge me for that one." he said, almost chuckling at the end of the sentence. "Say... Do you like it? 8ecause you sure seem to 8e licking me a lot!"
▲: He looks at you a bit wide eyed "UH TO B3 HON3ST 1 4CTU4LLY DO." he easily regains himself "H3H3H3H3 D1DNT TH1NK YOUD B3 SM4RT 3NOUGH TO NOT1C3 S3RK3T" he says very sarcastically.
▼: "Fuck you, I'm not that stupid." he says. "In fact, I'm not stupid at all! I'm the smartest, I know all the things! Aaaaaaaall of them!!!!!!!!" he says, stretching out his words dramatically.
▲: He rolls his eyes with a wide smirk on his face "WH4T 33333333V3R YOU S4Y S3RK3T" he mockingly copies his streched out words."4ND TO S4Y YOU D1DNT NOT1C3 1T W4S S4RC4SM~"
▼: "Of course I noticed it! I was just joking, Pyrope, don't tell me you didn't notice THAT." he said, rolling his eye again.
▲: "H3H3H3 1 41NT TH4T STUP1D S3RK3T" ofcourse he noticed he used sarcasm again,wel that's what he thinks. He crosses his arms over his chest "H3Y S3RK3T" he briefly called his attention "WH4T DO YOU TH1NK 1 T4ST3 L1K3" after he said that he instantly regrets it and just rolls his eyes.
▼: "I don't know, Jegus! Not everyone has a super-tongue." he said, but then thought about it. "Mint, may8e? I like mint, it's refreshing." But then he realized that he actually said the last sentence out loud. Fuck. He felt a small blue flush tingling under his cheeks, hopefully not enough for the other male to notice.
▲: Lucky for teal blood he was close enough to smell the blue blood tingle upon the other's cheeks,so he turns his head at you arms behind it his face obviously trying to say something "H3H3H3 H3Y VR1SKY,1S TH4T YOUR CH33KS 1 SM3LL" he raises an eyebrow partnering it with a grin "1M PR3TTY SUR3 1T 1S 1 SM3LL 4N 3XC3SS OF 1T ON YOUR F4C3" he adds for proof.
▼: "Yeah, so what?" he asked, trying to sound annoyed, but he only blushed harder.
▲: "H3H3H3 SO WH4T, YOU S4Y!" he licks his cheek out of the nowhere making sure it was really him who was blushing.
▼: "I did indeed say that!" he growled, for real this time, trying not to blush even more, and succeeding for the most part of it.
▲: "SO WH4T?!?! SO YOU "4R3" SW4LLOW1NG YOUR PR1D3 TO M3 S3RK3T" he tends to tease him more but this time he whispers it close to his ear.
▼: "Not completely swallowing. Only pushing it 8ack. A 8it. I think." he says hesitantly. "Miracles happen, I guess, or whatever that fucking clown talks about most of the time! You're lucky it's you, Pyrope, I wouldn't do it for anyone else."
▲: "H3H3H3 SO YOU "4R3" SW4LLOW1NG 1T TO M3~" he makes sure to emphasize the word ARE to him.He tries to stop giggling at this and he succesfully does,and licks your ear.
▼: "Whatever." he rolls his eye again. "Think what you want to think, I don't care!"
▲: "OH COM3 ON VR1SKY YOU KNOW YOU 4R3" he ignores the eyeroll he receives from him.
▼: "As I said, whateeeeeeeever." he looks at him. "8ut I am not. And I will never do that, Pyrope, not even for you. Especially not for you!"
▲: He ignores his last statements and sits on him "OK4Y,SUR3 WH4T3V3R" he lies on you like some bed making himself comfortable.
▼: "Get off, Pyrope, I 8n't your pillow!" he says, backing off.
▲: "H3H3H3 WHY SHOULD 1?" he makes himself even more comfortable.
▼: "........Fine. 8ut only for now." He was far too tired to fight it.
▲: "TH4NK YOU VR1SKY" he relaxes on him,after a few minutes he fell asleep.
▼: "Hey, I didn't say you could sleep!" he said, nudging him to wake him up.
▲: He moves uncomfortably and slowly opens his red eyes "H3H3H3 SORRY FOR TH4T" he says in a half asleep tone
▼: "It's fine, I guess. 8ut still, what if I have to go to toilet or something????????" he growls.
▲: "H3H3H3 1 GU3SS YOU H4V3 TO W4K3 M3 UP FROM PROSP1T OR SOM3TH1NG" he says happily while rubbing his eyes and rests his head again.
▲: Then he drifts off to sleep comfortably.
Wait I don't even ship yaoi
still this is amazing >:D
I needs to post it
Woops! I'm done posting.
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mhine24 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
I know the feel Navi1-0
I know it.
That was the feel I got when I was RPing this.xD
Navi1-0 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012
I'm not into yaoi... but this is just so cute X3
deidaralover010 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Good job! I SHIP NAO
mhine24 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Thanks bros!!!
Rens-veggies-piru Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Student Writer
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Aw ye
Seriously though this was amazing
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